Ask the US UK vloggers

just got a lot of deadlines and stuff but the schedules clearing up again do be online maybe tomorrow! ~poptart))

((Sorry I know I’ve been away again for a few days but I’m uploading late so i don’t have time to blog, SORRY! ~Poptart))

((OH MY GOSH THANK YOU! Wow I’m someones favourite America cosplayer…I just…oh my gOSH! THIS IS SO COOL!!! ~Poptart (is freaking ouuut)))

A: Flex? Oh you wanted a free pass to the gun show!

A: I’m glad it did, it WAS pretty amazing wasn’t it! If you’re ever feeling low come and find me I’ll be here with a hug and a big ol’ plate of cookies!

A: Yeah…there is someone

A: My stomach? Is there something special about it?

A: What?! Do people really want me and Arthur to kiss? …I wouldn’t be opposed to it but wow you guys really do want us to kiss don’t you!

((So basically…I’m home alone and I had a camera and there’s this really crappy song called selfie and I’m in my Alfred cosplay….so this was born and I felt like I needed to share it…~Poptart))

A: I can smell the bacon…bring it and we have a deal! Just…no horror films? N- NOT THAT I’M SCARED! No I’m really not scared